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Playboss Media specializes in ultra-competitive digital marketing campaigns and targeted lead generation for the Asian iGaming industry. There’s no shortcut to success, which is why our team takes an all-encompassing approach to digital marketing that comprises website-wide SEO; social media and customer outreach; personalized guidance and consultancy; as well as in-depth analysis and real-time feedback.


We’re a tight-knit team who work to stay agile and informed within the constantly shifting digital marketing landscape. We’ve got the experience; we’re brimming with knowledge, and we’re waiting to improve your rankings, pull in that traffic and bring revenue your way.

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At the Forefront of Thailand Digital Marketing Industry

In the competitive iGaming marketing landscape, which can change shape seemingly overnight, we believe that staying at the forefront of the digital marketing industry is absolutely crucial. 

Playboss Media works tirelessly to expand its knowledge-base and push performance to its limit. Through years of successfully serving clients, our results have only increased. That’s not luck, it’s purely the result of a team that strives for excellence and constant self-improvement.

Who We Are

Marketing relies on personal connections. You wouldn’t trust a robot to make a compelling speech, so why would you hire a faceless organization to make customer connections and draw in user traffic?

We’re a compact team of friends, determined and eager to push each other ever-further and achieve true excellence. We founded Playboss Media together, with a shared vision of efficiency, productivity and—above all—client results. We’re not the biggest team in the industry, but our size keeps our service agile, able to adapt to your exact needs on-the-fly and react to the ever-shifting nature of digital marketing.

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Why Playboss Media is perfect for your iGaming platform

The Asian iGaming industry is booming. Now is the perfect time for up-and-coming iGaming platforms to make it big in countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan. Without proper investment in a strong digital marketing campaign, however, even the best iGaming platform will drown amongst the competition.

This is how Playboss Media comes in to play. We will  navigate the crowded waters of the iGaming industry and attract customers from countries all across the Asian market. All of our clients’ websites rank high in their respective keywords and enjoy unprecedented traffic compared to their earlier performance—both from unique and returning customers.

We know that SEO can be daunting, but the Playboss Media process is streamlined, efficient and designed to remove as much stress as possible for our clients

iGaming niche

We considerd ourselve as a pro. Since Playboss media started operating, iGaming has always been our main focus. We has launched the total of 7 affiliated websites, which are the main source of traffic to many big name casinoes within the Asian market.

Years of experience

Everyone here at Playboss media has been working together since the company started in 2016. Over the years, we faced many challenges which help us sharpen our skills to know what's working and what's not. Now, we ready to use these skill to help you reach the top of the mountain.

One stop service

Playboss media offer a variety of services to help all of our client. From top to bottom, even you just realize your passion for igaming and need consulting to the one that have reach the top of the mountain that just only want guestpost. Whatever you need, we are here for you.

Our Service

6 Skilled in implementing a wide arsenal of digital marketing tools, we’re perfectly equipped to thrust your iGaming platform to the top of search engine rankings, far above your competition. Our services are fully scalable to your budget, and we guarantee a 100% efficient use of your available resources.

Our team’s expertise spans a number of all-important facets of digital marketing including:

Igaming guest post

Guest Posting

High-quality guest posting can help with the rankings and send visitors from established websites to your platform at the same time. With genuinely engaging content that champions you and your business. Our relationships with well-established content platforms mean that we’re able to produce content for them on your behalf

Igaming lead Generation

Lead Generation

When it comes to any business, leads are the most valued asset. In fact, without leads, a business can never progress. To ensure that steady growth is maintained, lead generation services are needed. We can assure you that all the contacts are the right target for your business.

iGaming Affiliate Website

iGaming traffic

Our Igaming affiliate websites are properly design to send valuable players to your platforms. Through out the years we have generate over 500,000 sign up which 50% of these players turn in to first time depositor to 15 of our partners. If you looking to boost your traffics and revenues, Playboss media is your solution.

Igaming Private Blog Networks

Private Blog Networks (PBNs) Posting

Private Blog Networks increase your business’ overall presence on the internet thanks to a wide pool of interconnected links. Our myriad of PBNs will empower your business and generate leads like a wide, customer-attracting net.

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Want to get ahead in the competitive iGaming industry and integrate with the flourishing Asian market? Get in contact with our team for a consultation and quote. We’re eager to speak about your business and our services!


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