Income88 Case Study

In 2017 Mr.Wit  build his first igaming affiliate site as a one man show webmaster.The first partner that he has worked with is Happyluke from Aggregated Fun Inc.In late 2018 his affiliate manager told him that new website Live Casino House will start operate and amazing thing was happen.He drive a lot of first time depositor to both websites.As time passes by solopreneur became an amazing team which Mr.Wit and his friend co-founded Playboss media ,Income 88 still be the best partner of our team.

"Income 88 is the best partner and P'Benz is the best affiliate manager that I work with"


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Revenue Share

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Income 88

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Live Casino House

The Challenge
The Strategy
The Results

Total players that sign up from us is more than 60,000 for Happyluke and 80,000 for Live Casino House.The best FTD per month that we made was insane.We generate more than 500 FTD only in one month!