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Expanding yours igaming business internationally seemed like such a good idea. But ranking well overseas hasn’t been as easy you’d thought it would be. Especially, if you trying to grow your traffic in Thailand where all kind of gambling is illegle, it’s almost impossible to find sites that are willing to link to you, unless you know where to look.

First, you have to reach out to hundreds of bloggers who don’t know your brand. Then when you finally find blog that accept your Igaming links, you have to either pay big for someone to translate into the local language, or hire a bilingual writer for every market you want to enter. And then you have to monitor every site you post on to make sure they don’t remove your backlinks.

It’s a massive hassle that takes a big chunk out of your wallet.

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But there is a better way…

Guest Bloging with Autoritative Thai Blogs

Here at Playboss Media, we specialise in creating link building campaign for Igaming websites that are fresh to Thai market. By using our creativity and technique to guest posting article with high quality blogs in Thailand

We have a team of native Thai writers who can craft exceptional content that include your gambling anchor texts in the best possible way. We 100% guarantee permanent dofollow backlinks on a Thai website with a domain authority strating from 5 to 50+

The best part is that you don’t have to do a thing. We’ll craft the content for you, reach out to relevant bloggers and make sure you get the Igaming backlinks you’re after. 

Our gambling guest posting service is basically international blogger outreach on autopilot.

Benefits of Thai Igaming Guest Posting

Our service will provide you with, Top quality Thai Guestposting sites that we have developed a longterm relationship over the years. Which allow our team of writers to create relevant article for our client while getting familialize with the website writing style to make the post blend in with others. 

Direct outreach

Direct Outreach

We directly reach out to authoritative Thai websites. In order, to build and maintain the best relationship to get the best rates and offer

Lead Generation

Do-Follow Contextual Link

Permanent publication on high authority domains with 100% Guaranteed Do-follow contextual backlinks. So you get permanent backlinks that will improve your search rankings in Thailand and drive more organic Thai search traffic

original article

Original Article

Fresh, original content crafted by native Thai writers. So, you can publish high quality content without having to worry about costly translation service

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Igaming guest post pricing plan

a diversifield link profile will look more natural in the eyes of google. We suggest that you should split your purchase between high , mediocre and low DA websites will naturally give you better result.

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Order in bulk and get your discount


Target Url


Turnaround Time

Original content

Igaming niche

Manually Outreach


Permanent Post

Contextual Link

Link Drip-Fed


DA 11- 20


700+ words article

1 Target URL

1 customizable anchor text

7 - 14 days

great option for new customers, that want to boost the rank for less competitive keywords to try our service.

DA 21- 30


1000+ words article

1 Target URL

1 customizable anchor text

7 - 14 days

For customer who are looking to boost some of the more competitive keywords for a single page

DA 30+


1000+ words article

1 Target URL

1 customizable anchor text

7 - 14 days

Especialluy for customer who are targeting the most competitive keywords within that niche

Process of Playboss igaming guest bloging

No one can denied that finding Thai Guest bloging sites for an Igaming/gambling niche could be one of hardest and most competative market to break through. As there are many factors that you need to consider like searching for placement site , creating good article that can drive referal traffics to your landing page. All these time consuming task that you need to do are the worst.

Luckily, Playboss Media is here to help you out. We are professional Thai link builder especially for an Igaming niche. 

we have created the easiest igaming link building strategies that will take you to the top. basically this is how we work

  1. website research – As you know that gambling is illegle here in Thailand. With that being said, we have prepared the list of sites that accept Igaming link placement in advance. Our 100 sites  in different niche waiting to place your links
  2. Planing&implementation – you as a client need to send us the url , Anchor text , and any specific requirment that you want us to follow such as only want the site with DA 10+ . So, we can work fast and find the most suitable site to your niche
  3. Content Creation – once we recieved all require information, nour team of in house writer will develop original content that created just for you. In which we will try our best to make the article relevance to your niche as much as possible. However, we also need to follow website article instruction before posting.
  4. Reports – Lastly, we will give you detail reports which track everything that we’ve done during the process. So you can easily see your site improvement. With our top notched service beating your competition is just the start
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Playboss media never stop building links

Why choose Playboss Igaming guest bloging service

  • Always update new websites to our extensive Thai website network 
  • Our Igaming link building services are custom made to fits the needs of each client. With the aim to help you gain more traffic and  improve your search ranking
  • We understad the industries. As our expert is one of the first group of people to enter Thai seo igaming industries. 
  • We  know what it takes to bring your websaite to the top

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