Whether you have a website that’s just getting started. Or a website that’s been up for months, even years, and still doesn’t have any traffic. You need links.

Link building is the way to get you those links, so you can rank high in Google’s SERP in your niche.

PBN (Private Blog Networks)

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Guest Posting Service

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Let’s get into Link Building!

Link building is like creating a friendship and getting a seal of approval that, this website is legitimate and deserves to be ranked.

Now more links you have, the higher your chances of ranking. This is because Google’s algorithm pays great attention to the quality and quantity of links your website has. The more you have, the better your chances of getting to the top.


As a scenario, let’s say that you have a website in iGaming niche that you want to rank. You need high-quality content on your website. But it would be best if you also had some external links that lead to your website. The quality of these external links is important. That’s where professionals come in.

We’ll make the whole process easy for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything. We have all the necessary tools, from affiliate websites to PBNs to ensure that your links are 100% effective.


So to get you more accustomed to how we build links for your website, let’s discuss our processes briefly.

PBN (Private Blog Networks)

Private blog networks or PBN are one of the fastest link building methods available. Basically, what a PBN does is that you get a blog network that’s linked to your main website.

Now any links on the PBN that refer back to your website will be legitimate because proper content is backing them. So PBNs are the shortcut to reaching out to hundreds of websites and get them to link with you.

Despite all of this easiness, there’s something that needs to be mentioned very clearly.PBNs can be dangerous. Google is actively tracking suspicious
links and a PBN that shows such activity can hurt your main – money-making –
website, rather than help it reach the top.

That’s where our PBNs come in. We’re literally the go-to people for PBNs in the iGaming niche. So yeah, let’s discuss:

Benefits of getting links from our PBN

You can certainly create one of your own PBNs. In fact, it might seem like the right choice at first.

But when you look at the whole Google issue, you realize that taking such an unnecessary risk can harm your website. This is because you don’t know exactly how to create a PBN that benefits your website while remaining risk-free.

Our experts have been doing for years. And we keep an eye on all the updates and policies and adapt accordingly.This is what makes our PBN one of the safest link building methods out there.

To add some extra weight to our argument, let us tell you that we have 27+ PBNs for you to choose from. And the PBNs have auction domains, meaning they will be not only high-quality links but also spam free.

Overall, you’ll get high quality, rank-friendly, and safe links that will boost your authority and rankings easily.

 To get such links for your website, all you need to do is contact us. We’ll do a survey of your website and devise a plan that meets your requirements perfectly.


Authority GUEST Posting

Have you ever asked someone to talk on your behalf because they were the experts in that field? And they talked about how you are a prodigy or something like that.

Doesn’t that add credibility to your personality?

The same goes for websites. If a high authority website allows you to post your content on their site, it means that your own authority will go up.

That’s where Authority Guest Posting comes in.

You, or someone on your behalf, posts content relevant to your business on a website that’s already ranking high. With the content, you place a link to your website. Google sees the link and concludes that you must be ranked high because you have backlinks from such credible sources.


The part where you post your content on a high authority site, that part requires proper outreach and experience. And we’re here to help you out here.


Our Guest Posting Technique

1.     The first step is gathering information. You’ll send us anchor text and some instructions – like who your ideal client is, their internet habits, etc. – to start with. Once that’s done, we’ll handle the rest.

2.     With proper outreach, we’ll make sure that your content finds the right placement. This will be done by finding a high authority website that’s currently ranking in your niche.

3.     We’ll secure a placement for you where you can place your guest post, with proper links.

4.     After all of this is done, we’ll hand over the placement with a proper report. Now it’ll be up to you whether you write the content yourself or outsource it.


Our guest posting works by increasing your traffic and your site authority because:

·       We use real, high authority websites to host your guest post. This way, all the links are genuine with genuine traffic and rankings.

·       Content is always checked and approved by our tea of experts. This way, you’re guaranteed to be on top without any risks.

·       Our guest posting is always relevant because we choose only the best websites as your hosts. The more relevant you get, the higher you rank.

·        Enticing content ensures that there’s always an inflow of traffic from your links. This way, you’ll start seeing actual money in no time.

·       And the most important thing, your link. We make sure that it’s placed in a way that it gets the highest conversions possible. Overall, your ROI will shoot up, and so will your revenue.

To get our guest posting services, just reach out to us. We’ll check all the details and let you know how your website can benefit from a custom guest posting plan.


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